• Programme Prescription

    Mike McGurn caters for a wide spectrum from amateur to international level athletes.

    This service includes an initial meeting to discuss individual needs and analysis, taking into consideration goals and targets. A follow up consultation is available on request.

  • Holistic Overview

    Suitable for teams or individuals, this includes assessment of current practices and structures, e.g. content, duration and intensity of sessions, micro and macro periodisation, pre-season preparation, nutrition and supplementation. Following through evaluation, an action plan is formulated, and advice is given on how to achieve best practice.

  • Gym Based Sessions

    McGurn provides world class, sport specific gym based sessions. He also caters for athletes who are deemed medically fit but returning from injury and need one-on-one rehab sessions.

  • Pitch Based Sessions

    McGurn is known for his provision of high intensity, specific pitch based session for any code. He makes training so hard that matches are easy.

  • Mentoring of Strength & Conditioning Coaches

    Drawing on years of experience with international athletes McGurn aims to pass on the wealth of knowledge he has accrued. This service involves education of Strength and Fitness coaches to advise them of the latest evidence based best practice. From his extensive experience he can suggest what works and possibly more importantly what doesn’t.

  • Gym Installation Consultation

    Having set up gyms in countless training camps McGurn is well placed to supply practical advice in this area. When installing or re-vamping a gym he can provide advice on equipment and layout based on the expected clients.

  • Weekend Retreats for Teams

    Having worked with the Irish Rugby Union Team for 6 years with much of that time in camp, McGurn is well equipped to plan team bonding weekends. Sessions and extra activities are tailored to individual needs on request.

  • Conferences

    McGurn is available to speak at sporting conferences, providing education on both theoretical aspects of training and practical demonstration. His Seminars are not to be missed, as he passes on the benefit of his wealth of experience and cuts through the myths and fads. He also provides Executive Seminars for companies who realise that educating their staff on health and fitness can greatly improve productivity.


  • I was fortunate enough to have been under the supervision of Mikey at International level for close to 7 years. In this time I saw huge improvements to my physical strength and fitness.

    What made him stand apart from other fitness coaches was his ability to motivate players, the variety in his sessions and his responsiveness to feedback we'd give him. He was constantly learning new techniques and drills to stay ahead of the times.

    The biggest compliment I could give him was that he gave me an interest in going to the gym, at a time when I saw it as a chore. Short sharp blasts were his forte and I still use his sessions now, even though he's moved on to pastures new.

    Brian O’Driscoll – Captain of Ireland and Lions 2005
    Brian O’Driscoll – Captain of Ireland and Lions 2005
  • I've been involved in boxing for 25 years now. I always felt I was on top of all my training and everything was in place. I suffered my first defeat and reassessed everything. I had a chance meeting with Mikey McGurn and a lot of my ideas towards training changed.

    He taught me about weights. When done correctly they won't slow you down but could actually make me faster and more powerful which was exactly what I needed. He showed me how to do this without putting on weight as my sport is weight orientated. Maximising my strength and speed while maintaining my weight were vital for me to achieve my ambition of winning a World Title.

    Working with Mikey has more than helped me achieve this goal. It has also educated me on the different types of training methods. Mikey has a great knack of being able to get what he wants done while being able to explain it so you know what your doing and the purpose for doing it.

    Bernard Dunne – WBA Super Bantamweight World Champions
    Bernard Dunne – WBA Super Bantamweight World Champions
  • Mike was my strength and conditioning coach with Ireland from 2002 until 2007.

    During that time I always felt I was getting the best, most up to date and innovative coaching I could get. I always felt he could get the best out of me in training and was able to train me in such a way that it was reproduced on the field – the most important reason anyone trains.

    Mike's own solid beliefs in how I should train were always intermingled with new ideas from himself and the best Strength and Conditioning coaches in the world. We are now firm friends and I would recommend him to anyone looking for the best Strength and Conditioning coaching they can get.

    Paul O’Connell – Irish Rugby International, 2009 British & Irish Lions Captain
    Paul O’Connell – Irish Rugby International, 2009 British & Irish Lions Captain